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 Call Of Duty MW3

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PostSubject: Call Of Duty MW3   Call Of Duty MW3 EmptySun Jun 19, 2011 6:58 am

Hey i finally got some info about Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3.. and yes as soon as it comes out we will make a giveaway of it!!!

Overall game aspects :

The game will be developed by Infinity Ward, co-developped by Sledgehammer Games and published by Activision
The game will launch worldwide on November 8th, 2011 and will be available for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360
MW3 will be, just like MW2, locked at 60 FPS meaning it will never go below (but can of course still go over)
MW3 will run on an improved version of the MW2 engine
According to IW, console equality is very important.
Dive-to-prone is not returning.
MW3 weapons have considerably larger recoil than weapons in MW2.
When reloading an emptied pistol, the slide is pulled.

Campaign :

MW3 is a direct sequel to MW2
MW3 takes place during WWIII.
Confirmed locations are New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Russia, Africa and the Himalayas
Breaching doors is returning.
There is no Co-op
Known characters : Derek "Frost" Westwood, "Sandman", Michael Burns, John "Soap" MacTavish, Nikolai, John Price and Vladimir Makarov
Confirmed playable characters : Derek "Frost" Westwood and Michael Burns
Known Campaign missions are : "Black Tuesday", "Mind the Gap" and "Hunter Killer".
Known factions are : American "Delta Force", British SAS, French GIGN and possibly American Navy SEALs
Black Tuesday : This level is played by Delta Force operators. It takes place at the New York City Stock Exchange. The title is a reference to the Wall Street Crash of 1929. You basically fight your way to the NY Stock Exchange, and plant a Thermite Charge on some sort of satellite located on the roof. The level ends with an epic gunship battle where you take control of the minigun mounted on a Black Hawk. Click here to view full gameplay.
Hunter Killer : In this level, the player takes control of Derek "Frost" Westwood, as he and his squad infiltrates a Russian submarine to launch the Russian missiles against their own fleet. After escaping the submarine, Frost hops in a Zodiac watercraft and escapes the area as it is being bombed and ends up landing in a friendly Chinook, taking them away from the killzone. Click here to view full gameplay.
Mind the Gap : In this level, the player takes control of Michael Burns, an SAS Commando. This mission takes place during nighttime in London. The player approaches enemies using stealth. Not much is known about this level, except that it ends in an epic chase in the London tube system between an underground train and a car. Civilians are also killed during this level (This is the "ultra-violent" mission of the level that has been spoken of). The level's title is a reference to the warning made to train passengers to make them aware of the gap between the ground and the actual train.

Spec Ops general overview :

Spec Ops now has leaderboards, online matchmaking, progressive ranking and in-game currency
Mission-based Spec Ops will return and will be similar the Spec Ops seen in MW2
Spec Ops are playable solo, offline, split-screen, with a friend online or even with a stranger.
Juggernauts are returning.
Spec Ops can only include up to 2 players

Survival Mode :

Survival is a horde-like gamemode where the objective is to survive as long as you can to limitless waves of increasingly difficult enemies.
Before the game starts, a camera from the sky follows you all the way down to finally get to your first person view, similarly to how missions start in the campaign.
In-game currency is used to purchase upgrades, Survival exclusive.
Players start off with a pistol but can pick up enemy weapons and purchase weapons throughout the level.
When shooting enemies, you will get hit markers and score popups to confirm kills.
Survival is played on Multiplayer maps
Survival is playable on all Multiplayer maps.
You can call in a Delta squad team, which are controlled AI's who help you throughout the waves.
There is an armor bar at the bottom, with a percentage which logically diminishes as you take damage.
Survival can only support 1-2 player(s).
Early waves send regular enemies, but later ones include dogs, gas soldiers, C4 soldiers, kamikaze dogs, choppers and Juggernauts
Each map features a weapon location, an equipment location and a killstreak location to buy each.

Multiplayer :

Call of Duty Elite System with some paid aspects to enhance the Multiplayer experience (see official trailer here)
Call of Duty Elite Premium members will get DLC's for free
Weapon base damages will be increased to compensate the lack of Stopping Power
Security is a top priority for IW
Soundwhoring will not be overlooked
Post-launch updates is a priority for IW
Balancing explosives is a key design point
Theater Mode is returning.
MW3 will build up from CoD4 and polish every aspect from MW2 that "has went too far".
MW3 will focus on gun on gun fights, and less on air support.
Playing the objective in MW3 will be more rewarding, thanks to tweaks done to the XP, Match Bonus, Challenges and more.
There is no Stopping Power, Danger Close, Juggernaut, One Man Army, Commando, Last Stand or Tactical Nuke.
The melee will be nerfed.
It was hinted the classic Callsign system will return.
Quick Scoping will be possible in MW3.
The MW3 unlock system will be "unique", and will not use currency.
The killstreak system has been re-vamped.
Confirmed maps : Dome
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PostSubject: Re: Call Of Duty MW3   Call Of Duty MW3 EmptyMon Jun 20, 2011 12:41 am

Can't wait to play it
MW2 was sooo good o.o
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Call Of Duty MW3
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