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 How to do this:

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How to do this: Empty
PostSubject: How to do this:   How to do this: EmptyThu May 26, 2011 1:28 pm

So there are three kinds of administrators:

1) Video makers (These are the people who make videos and put them to our youtube page, they need to have allot of skill in video making)
2) Security administrators(These are admins with allot of expirience being administrators, there job is to watch over for spammers, hackers, cheaters, fake advertisers, people who use bad language, and to BAN them)
3) People callers (people that call allot of people to our group, website, pages... there job is to call more people and to advertise NpGaming)

Well to do this, you need to tell us things about yourself!

1) Age, Year of birth
2) How often do you buy new games?
3) Expirience in being administrator or your video making abilities
4) Special talents
5) A video you made, or a video about you
6) What kind of admin would you want to be?
7) Add something more about yourself or something you can offer us that many others can't

Thank you...

Happy Gaming
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How to do this:
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